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How to spot a thief

Alex, in common with many 5 year old boys is really into ‘cops and robbers’ at the moment (or police and thiefs (sic) as he likes to call it). Mummy when I grow up I want to be a Policeman because they are real life heros – Alex

In Alex’s mind it seems there are two worlds. Our world, which is basically real life. And the world of fantasy, which is almost like a parallel universe, which we can see into through the Television.

A couple of weeks ago after a police car had just zoomed past us, Alex said…

If there are police in our world, then that means there are also thiefs (sic) in our world

how to spot a thief

I explained that yes, unfortunately there are thieves in ‘our world’. At which point Will who had been listening said thoughtfully “Hmmm yes, but we very rarely see them”. Last week Alex asked me if I knew why he wanted to be a policeman. He told me gleefully it was because he wanted to see a thief! I asked the boys if they knew what thieves looked like. Oh yes, they did. Stripy top, mask over their eyes, sack on their back full of money and jewels, wooly hat – a grey one, curly moustache and they also sometimes have stubbly beards and angry faces. So there you have it. If you ever spot a man that looks like this, chances are he is a thief!

Spring Lambs

Summer gives us long lazy days on the beach, BBQ’s, and ice cream. Autumn brings beautiful colours and falling leaves. Winter means Christmas, ice-skating, and snow. But if I had to choose one season I’d choose spring, with all its yellow daffodils, blossom and baby lambs.


Animals are what Will loves most in the world. And what is better than animals? Baby animals. Spring is full of them. Our journey to school takes us through two miles of beautiful green hills and fields full of sheep. We have been excitedly waiting for the arrival of newborn lambs each morning since the start of March. The fields are full of lambs now. Watching them run, jump, and skip about has a wonderful calming and joyous effect on Wills mood.

We have really enjoyed several visits to our favourite farm – Hall Hill Farm, during the Easter Holidays. There are lots of little lambs at the farm, some of the tiniest I’ve ever seen. Toby has just adored touching the little lambs soft, soft fleece and being able to bottle feed the pet lambs.

On Tuesday, at the farm, we saw something incredible. We watched some baby lambs being born. There were two sheep in labour; one was expecting triplets, the other a singleton. Sheep only have two nipples, so they find it hard (though not impossible) to feed three lambs. One of the triplets will often become a pet bottled fed lamb. But in this instance the farm were planning on having the sheep due to have only one lamb, adopt one of the triplets.


It was fascinating, Will really enjoyed learning all about the birthing process. After the sheep had given birth to its one lamb, one of the other sheep’s triplet lambs was taken and covered in the afterbirth so it would seem to sheep as though it were her lamb and she had had twins. The original lamb was taken away and put under a heat lamp for about an hour to give the sheep time to bond with its little adopted lamb. In the photo below you can see the triplet lamb being licked clean by its new mummy sheep after it had been put in the afterbirth.


Spending time with children is habitually very fascinating and exciting; but to make it educative and entertaining, a lot has to be put in place.

The importance of spending time with kids

This serves as activation of their psycho-motor activities like; singing, dancing, reciting rhymes and telling stories related to kids and folk tales. This involves creating activities that would keep them active by paying an escort to make them live these for busy parents. This boosts their wellbeing. Some examples are; taking these kids to play parks for merrymaking, swimming pool for kids, merry, going round in play parks, kids dance classes, making them join holiday workshops if its holiday, let them learn painting, drawing, carving, do intellectual games that open their brains. Parents can watch educative cartoons with kids, being their escorts to venues they can't access on their own due to insecurity. Another older but efficient method of spending quality time with kids is recounting stories to them and letting them ask or answer questions with regards to the tale. Some parents pay trainers for their kids to be taken to natural touristic sites like; falls, lakes, valleys, mountains, take long or short trips out of their hometowns and even out of the country. Another method is taking them for a guided visit in say a museum, to discover nature, zoos, and parks of attraction. Meanwhile parents can enjoy the company of the ladies from the Escort Directory.

For the bigger kids

For children who are of say age 7 and above could visit industries to discover the functionalities under the specialized sitters paid to do so by the company who accompany their visits with explanations, in the company of parents. It’s equally important to let them move with notebooks to take down points on names, places and points of interest. The escorts after the tours could question the kids on what they saw, liked and disliked. Why not find out if they have suggestions, given that some children are adventurous and smart. We are in a high technology era, so the kids being in the android generation could equally watch kids’ stories, cartoons on screen or in cinema halls under the guide of escorts who censor what is appropriate for their ages. Kids could be taken to video game houses to let them discover this other part of technology given that it could spur in them talents on creating like Mark Zuckerberg who put up facebook with his mates.

How to make the moment refreshing and entertaining

Kids escort should be conscious and aware that they need light refreshment by taking along snacks and hot drinks for them to quench their taste.

The transportation means

For the bigger kids of say 10 to 15 of age, they can go on a picnic with companions paid by parents who would make them live another experience out and far away from home. There is equally a transportation disposition that needs to be put in place by the parents. This could be a bus if the kids are many or a personal vehicle if an arrangement was made with the escort. This is in the case of a family

Health security measures

A first aid box is equally essential to save the kid if an accident occurs during their merrymaking and the presence of medical personnel.

The social aspect of quality time with kids

The kids can visit orphanages, hospitals and old people's home to share gifts accompanied by parents. Here escorts are not necessary. Always keep records of all these activities like pictures, videos as the souvenir for the future.

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